Hey Guys meet Thor!











He is a very powerful 2 yo doberman that is full of life. His owners are beautiful people who love and care for him very much however they were at wits end and didnt know what to do with him. He did not listen at all and was far to big and strong for his owners to walk him! He would dart off in any direction and his poor owners would be battered and bruised as they were dragged along the pavement behind him! when I received the call, they explained their desperate situation and mentioned they might need to give him back to the breeder even though it would kill them to do so, as he is a much loved family pet that they just can’t manage!

After hearing this heart wrenching story from this beautiful little lady I jumped at the opportunity to help them even though they lived well outside the area I cover!

I have only done two sessions with Thor so far and he has shown an incredible improvement. He is listening and responding very positively to the training. He is just a big dog that didnt have boundaries.

I cant wait to share the rest of this Salty Dawg success story with you as it unfolds!

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We are fund raising for the RSPCA by participating in the million paws walk held on the 18th of may. This is a very worth while cause so salty dawg had no problem getting behind it. You dont have to donate any money if you dont want to, but why not come join us on the walk? It will be a great day out shared with thousands of other dogs.

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Luke on 0428 12 DAWG (3294)

Recently I expanded my professional skills and knowledge of Dog Training by going down to Melbourne to do a dog training course with a method that is very new age. Personally I think it will revolutionise the dog training world! This is an intensive hands on course, that exposes you to all kinds of dogs, with all kinds of bad manners and temperaments. I would recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about a career as a dog trainer or handler. The method they teach works on all breeds and if done correctly can work on dogs that other professionals have given up on (hence why they save and re-home a lot of dogs that were destined to be put to sleep)

During the course, we were putting dogs in a drop, in an open paddock with sheep and horses roaming around. The dogs had only been training for 2 weeks and easily held the drop for over an hour! This is something that most trainers can only dream about. However for me, it is now a very achievable reality!

They have a lot of very experienced and knowledgeable staff on hand to correct your technique and answer any questions you might have. They are all very welcoming, professional and all reading off the same sheet of music so the answers will not change from trainer to trainer! All in all a very worth while course.

You can check them out here www.alphacanineprofessional.com.au