Northern Beaches Dog Walking

Finding reputable dog walkers around the Northern Beaches of Sydney can be a trying task. Luckily, Salty Dawg is available to invite more four-legged friends into our fun club!

At Salty Dawg, we run the best club for dogs! They just adore socialising, playing and running around with the other pooches on a regular basis. The exercise is great for them, it’s a wonderful opportunity for them to expend all their energy and catch up with all their little doggy mates!

At Salty Dawg we completely understand that while owners understand the importance of all dogs getting sufficient exercise to maintain good health, many struggle to find enough time to take them outside. If this rings a bell then please call upon our dog walking services on the Northern Beaches. The fact is, we love what we do and enjoy nothing more than exploring local parks with our new four legged friends. Whether it is simply a time problem or you are experiencing some social issues with your pooch whilst out walking, we can offer a service that ensures your pet is regularly exercised and happy.

By giving your dogs regular exercise, our walkers can help reduce some of those naughty habits that come from being bored. Things like digging up the backyard or destroying furniture can be signs they may not be getting the outdoor activity they need. This can be frustrating not just for the pet, but also the owners who have to clean up the mess! If you would like to book sessions with our dog walking team or would like to learn more about this service, simply get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Looking for dog walking but not on the Northern Beaches? Get in touch and we will try and accommodate alternate arrangements.

We really look forward to speaking to you and meeting your special little (or big) dawggy friend.