Dog Obedience Training in Sydney

Dog obedience is one of the most important things for pet owners as it guarantees a safe level of control of your pet and promotes a stronger relationship. Offering Sydney dog obedience training, the professionals here at Salty Dawg can help pets and their owners achieve a harmonious bond. During our lessons, we tackle all of the essentials such as sit, stay and come, as well as teaching them how to behave whilst walking socially in parks. Other aspects of our dog obedience classes that set us apart from our competitors is that we teach pets how to act around people of all ages, from young kids to the elderly. This ensures that they understand the distinction between someone who is bigger and stronger and someone is smaller and weaker. This is an extremely important lesson for big dogs to learn especially, as they need to understand their own strength and power in relation to others.

We understand that every breed is different and what might be needed for one may not be needed for another. We try to gauge the personality of your pooch in order to offer quality advice. This may be helping those who have an overactive, anxious or timid pet. We also aim to address any behavioural problems owners may have noticed such as barking, jumping on people or being destructive.

Dog obedience training is most effective when you start from a young age, but can also be beneficial for older dogs that need help to get rid of bad behaviours and habits. No matter what you breed you have, we have a suitable solution to help.

If you would like to find out more information about our dog obedience training Sydney-wide, course duration and what is included, please get in touch with us today. You can contact us by calling 0428 12DAWG (3294) or simply head to our contact us page and fill in your details.