We are fund raising for the RSPCA by participating in the million paws walk held on the 18th of may. This is a very worth while cause so salty dawg had no problem getting behind it. You dont have to donate any money if you dont want to, but why not come join us on the walk? It will be a great day out shared with thousands of other dogs. Contact us details [email protected]  Luke on 0428 12 DAWG (3294)

Recently I expanded my professional skills and knowledge of Dog Training by going down to Melbourne to do a dog training course with a method that is very new age. Personally I think it will revolutionise the dog training world! This is an intensive hands on course, that exposes you to all kinds of dogs, with all kinds of bad manners and temperaments. I would recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about a career as a dog trainer or handler. The method they teach works on Read More