Dog Walking

Sydney Professional Dog Walking

Dogs are born to work for a living. They’ve worked alongside us for thousands of years, and most are bred for a particular purpose, like hunting, herding livestock or providing protection. Dogs’ wild relatives spend most of their waking hours scavenging and hunting for food, caring for offspring, defending territory and playing with each other. They lead busy, complex lives, interacting socially and solving simple problems necessary for their survival.

The most common job for our companion dogs today, however, is Couch Potato! They no longer have to earn their keep and instead have to adjust to our more sedentary lifestyles. They get their food for free in a bowl and are often confined, alone and inactive, for most of the day. This lack of purpose leaves dogs no outlet for their naturally active tendencies—physical and mental—and it contributes to the development of behavior problems.

Another problem modern dogs face because they rarely work anymore is a lack of opportunities to exercise. Some pet parents make the mistake of assuming that if a dog has access to a yard, she’s getting exercise. But your dog doesn’t run laps by herself in your yard—or do much of anything besides waiting for you to come outside or let her back inside.

Our North Shore and Northern Beaches Dog Walking service is catered to discerning Sydney dog owners who want the reliability and security of a legally registered business but who aren’t prepared to compromise on the quality of personal care and level of attention to their dogs.

Our North Shore and Northern Beaches dog walkers are all experienced professionals. We have high standards of safety and conduct and we will always turn up, rain, hail or shine.

We believe regular exercise suited to the dog’s energy level is key to your dog’s health and happiness. This is why we offer a range of walks for you to choose from. Starting from a 50 mins local park run to HALF DAY beach trips and FULL DAY farm adventures. We are the ONLY dog walkers in Sydney that offer these truly amazing services. The dogs not only get the socialisation and exercise they need but they return positively tired, better behaved and have a seriously fun time in the sand and water at the beach or on the luscious grassy paddocks on the farm (only 35 mins outside of Sydney CBD).

We pick up and drop home safely your dogs in our fully equipped, securely set up, comfortable and air-conditioned Salty Dawg vans so they ride in comfort and style to their destination. From Mosman, Cremorne, Neutral Bay, Kirribilli, North Sydney, Cammeray, McMahons Point, Blues Point, Lavender Bay, Waverton, Wollstonecraft, Crows Nest, Northbridge, Castlecrag, Willoughby, Chatswood, Lane Cove and all suburbs throughout Sydney’s Lower North Shore.


1 Walk $27 ( 50 mins )

2 Dogs $50

Additional Dogs $22

Weekend Walks $35

1/2 Day Beach Trips $50

FULL Day Farm Adventures $90

All cancelations must be received by 5pm the day before the scheduled walk for a full refund.

Any cancelations on the day of the scheduled walk, will not be refunded.

If for any reason we can not gain access to your dog through no fault of our own, you will be charged for that walk .